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About Me

Norwich based photographer
– automotive
– motorsport
– athletics
– theatrical

I shoot using Canon cameras, currently 1DX Mk II and 7D Mk II and lenses ranging from 17mm to 400mm with additional accessories. Have portable studio flash equipment.
Have some small GoPro cameras as well. Editing in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Credits & Experience

2007 - date Official event photographer at Monoposto Racing Club

Official photographer to the Monoposto Racing Club providing images for every championship race meeting since 2007. Mostly UK based but several trips to Belgium and Holland

2012 - date Official photographer at F3 Cup

Official photographer to MotorSportVision’s F3 Cup championship. Mostly UK based but several trips to Belgium and Holland

2008 - 2012 Official photographer at Toyota Sprint Series

Photographs were used in Japanese Performance, Banzai, Redline and Max Power magazines, as well as supplying images to competitors and organisers.

November 2006 - date Photographer at Great Hall Theatre Company (Norwich)

I take a photographic record of the producution on final dress rehearsal night. Always working without flash to preseve the lighting director’s atmospheric lighting

2000 - 2019 Photographer & Sound/Lighting at Rackheath Players

I took photographic record on final dress rehearsal night and more recently have been taking photographs for press & publicity. We also rigged the lighting and I was usually either running the sound desk or the lighting desk (or both).

2010 - date Photographer at Epic Action Imagery

I am one of Epic Action Imagery’s rostered photographers and we would attend mass participation sporting events, these are usually running, cycling, sometimes swimming, occassionally all three in the case of triathlon, over distances from 5k to half marathon and occassionally ultramarathon. I have also shot a lot of obstacle course races such as Tough Mudder, Spartan, Dirty Dozen, Mud Monsters amongst others. Epic has taken me to all over the UK, to Germany and to Norway.

2007-2010 Photographer at MarathonFoto

Shot several events for MarathonFoto including the London Marathon.

2019 - date Photographer at Prizm Productions

Photographer shooting Schools Rugby Tournament

2010 onwards Photographer at Autosport Magazine

Have shot or written about a number of motorsport events for Autosport magazine

approx 2003 to 2007 Lighting Engineer at Livewire Opera Company

Myself and my friend rigged and operated the lighting for approx 4 or 5 years. Livewire was a touring company so would play the same show in about 3 or 4 different venues, so were having to rig and move regularly.

1999 to 2013 Lighting Engineer at East Norfolk Operatic Society

Myself and a friend rigged and ran the lighting for East Norfolk Operatic Societies annual production