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Georgia Glynn Smith

London, UK

About Me

Georgia Glynn Smith is one of the world’s leading food and lifestyle photographers and commercials directors. Georgia’s renowned for her extraordinary graphic compositions, her warmth and supportiveness on set, her expert understanding of food and her nurturing of new emerging talent. She has photographed over 70 books for some of the biggest names in food from Mary Berry, Gordon Ramsay and Nigel Slater to Peggy Porschen, Terence Conran, and has also created dozens of bestsellers and award-winners for some of the newest names (including all five Leon books). She was featured in an article about her latest book RMCancerCookbook which has had a resounding response from all over the world.

She directs beautiful TV commercials, and has made over 20 films for UK and International clients over the last few years. Georgia is a commercials director specialising in food. Her films are all very naturalistic, you want to eat the food off the screen. The films are often strengthened with her graphic eye and the subjects are emphasised with her sensitivity towards the subject whether it be a christmas cake or a child looking for a job.

Her work has won many awards including the Glenfiddich Food and Drink Award for Best Food Photographer, The Pink Lady Food and Drinks Award and The Gourmand Food award.

She has an irrepressible love of good food, people, gardens and laughter and lives in Highbury, North London with Stefan Gates (her food writer/TV presenter husband), Daisy and Poppy (her two crazy daughters) and Blue, her gorgeous Colloodle puppy and Cheeky, her rather warring cat.

” Food is a glorious challenge to photograph, and some subjects are more difficult than others – turkeys and foods like ice cream that melt uncontrollably under photographic lights are high on the list. But I avoid tricks, glue, glazes and other cheats to get a great shot. It has to be real to get that mouth-watering reaction. Everything has to be shot at just the right moment to get the right amount of melt, steam, juices trickling etc. Pulling that off is down to experience and having the right team to work with, and when you have a great team who’re passionate, interesting, interested and perpetually hungry, you have a great time and create amazing images together. I get enormous satisfaction from tackling a challenging brief with my team… Being a food photographer has to be one of the best jobs in the world. Admittedly, I now have over 20 years of experience behind me to make it feel easier, but whether I am working for a magazine, with a small design company or a dynamic advertising agency, my aim is always the same – to make the food look amazingly delicious – and to be honest, we usually do.”