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About Me

Living in the city gives opportunity. Opportunity to chase passions, meet like-minded people and pursue creative ventures. For me, photography embodies all of these opportunities. My niche, urban/street photography, captures the every day point of view for urban rats, like myself. From the electric buzz of the high street to the gritty inner-city, there is a visual representation of all residents in the concrete jungle.

As a Manchester-based content creator, ‘thegezmek’ is the concept of wandering through the urban world. The very word ‘gezmek’ is the Turkish translation of ‘exploration’. This, for me, captures exactly what I do with my clients. I explore their brand, presence and goals and together we create something unique to their sentiment.

I offer both photo and video services across a wide range of genre’s with my most experienced areas being fashion, athletic (motion photography) and events.