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About Me

Photographer and Retoucher – based in Manchester.

I specialises in events, music and portraiture; however, I’m always up for trying something new.

I have photographed large events at venues like; Fabric London, Motion Bristol, Warehouse Project and Manchester Academy. As well as smaller events at underground venues like; Hidden Manchester, Rebellion and Underdog. I capture portraits of the performers, whilst also capturing the atmosphere; then I go on to edit and retouch these images myself through the use of Adobe Lightroom, Camera Raw and Photoshop. This has allowed me to develop the skill of working to tight deadlines requested by employers.

Alongside retouching my own images, I have collaborated with graphic designer Rachel Bonner to produce a cook book of strange food combinations; I photographed and retouched the images presented in said cook book. These can be seen on the instagram linked below. Alongside this collaboration, I have attended workshops along side Manon Ouimet, and assisted photographer Elouisa Georgiou, with a great attitude to learn and grow.

Whilst capturing nightlife, I also like to create portraiture, both studio and on location, which I edit myself with an open, creative mind. Developing my photography and post production skills to a high level, alongside the context and ideology behind the images.

In addition to this, I am working on an ongoing project, exploring the theory of Abjection by Julia Kristeva. I explore skin as a boundary between life and death, challenging the two dimensional concept of photography. This project will be exhibited at Free Range in London later in the year. (postponed)

Throughout my studies I have also worked in hospitality, retail and customer service; where I have developed my teamwork and communication skills massively, resulting in the ability to work confidently within a team, large or small. Balancing work with my studies has allowed me to improve my time management, encouraging myself to work to strict deadlines at high standards.