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About Me

A beautiful image can do many things; it can trigger wonderful memories of a special event or person or offer you a startling glimpse into someone’s personality. As a professional photographer, I seek out the fascinating features of whatever I’m shooting – whether it’s an event, a person, or an object. I love working behind the camera and don’t want to be defined by one genre of photography. I love all aspects of it – from joyous weddings and celebrations to stunning landscapes and exceptional products. I do my best to find that perfect angle that highlights the best of what is in front of my camera. With every project, I first make certain that I fully understand the requirements and expectations I need to fulfil. I’m outgoing, fun but also professional and these are traits that I believe every photographer should hold. There’s a balance between fun, getting people to laugh and smile but keeping it professional – and also knowing when to let these traits show. Whatever project you have in mind, I will go above and beyond to create outstanding images that will last a lifetime. With commercial photography, I do my best to capture images that will perfectly match your business requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs and I look forward to providing you with vivid and beautiful images to fulfil your needs.