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About Me

Hi there my name is Zara, I am a female photographer based in Manchester. I have been doing photography since I was fourteen years old and have graduated with a degree in photographer. I am hoping to study in Manchester and do my masters in Graphic design in September 2021 which will enhance my skills not just as a photographer but a content creator to.

I have experience in all areas of photography from fashion to events this has helped me to work to strict deadlines and helped me work under pressure. fashion and portrait photography is something that I specialist in as I have worked with many models from different agencies in Manchester such as Nemesis, Boss models management and J adore models. This has helped me establish many different types of relationships within the industry with other creatives such as make up artists and models.

I am hard working and enthusiastic about my work and take pride in what I do as photography isn’t just a job to me but a passion that Ive had for years and i enjoy what i can create.In regards to using software¬† I am confident in using software such as adobe Photoshop, light room and in-design for post production and editing. I have knowledge of how to use different types of lighting set ups within photo shoots which helps me in the studio environment as well as on location.

when i was studying my degree I was able to develop my team working skills as I was always testing with big teams for my projects, as well as developing my teamwork skills I developed my communication skills which bought my confidence up and I was able to organize large shoots with various people across the industry.